We have been saying this for years but it’s time for a change: Big girls are not just a background character to complete her skinny counterpart. In television, film, and of course in real plus size girls don’t have a narrative of our own. We are not the main focus, we are the “funny” one, our love lives are put on on hold after the main girl finds love (that’s if we find love at all). However, our whole character is based off one trait-we’re bigger.

I’m tired of it. When’s the last time you seen a show where the…

Photo by Jocelyn Tanner

In 2020 I had some huge life changes. I bought my first house with my longtime-boyfriend, I got engaged and married to said boyfriend, and I adopted a rabbit. You would think my family and friends would be proud and they were but they wanted more from me- a baby.

Like clockwork, as soon as woman gets married, she’s expected to get pregnant. In Black families you have to have a baby by a certain age before people start to wonder if something is wrong you. My grandma was the first person to ask the big question and guilt trip…

Is Sassy the New Urban?

Me and my natural hair.

I am your normal 20- something. I have accrued a lot of debt in student loans. I like to watch Malcom in the Middle reruns with my husband. I have a rebellious rabbit, who I treat like a human child. I also work a normal office job. There’s just one tiny thing about me- I’m a black girl with natural hair. There is nothing subtle about my hair. It is huge. My hair could give Chaka Khan a run for her money. …

In a city, where they met as girls, four women would go on to change TV history, pop culture, and the way we date forever. If you are a true Sex and the City fan, own a tv, or have access to the Internet, you are aware of the 10 -episode revival of Sex and the City. As excited as we are to see what our girls have been up to, we couldn’t help but wonder what will happen with Samantha jones?

You may have gotten attached to the Carrie and Big drama, but you were entertained by Samantha. Samantha…

Deja Plummer

Black woman. Music lover. Bunny mother. Avid Frasier & Sex and the City watcher.

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